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MaxDominantX is ALL man!  His dark features, muscular physique, and bad boy-looks immediately drew me in; the huge bulge in his boxer briefs kept my attention though.

I started chatting with MaxDominantX, and he was definitely my type.  I was hoping I could get a little more attention from him.  After a little bit of flirting, I was finally able to catch his attention and even managed to persuade him into playing with himself through his briefs for me.  That was all that I needed to convince me that I needed to take MaxDominantX private!

With just that small amount of attention, his cock had already begun to grow inside his briefs.  He was soon fully erect beneath the thin fabric.  That didn’t stop him though; he continued to slowly slide his hand along the shaft of his rigid member as he licked his lips lusciously.  A puddle began to form at the front of his briefs, growing bigger with each stroke of his hand.  It didn’t take much convincing – although I would have done anything – to get MaxDominantX out of those briefs at this point.  He quickly pushed them to the ground, allowing his cock to smack against his abs.  A stream of precum falling from the thick head of his newly freed cock.  Oh what I would have given for just a taste!  He took hold of his cock and slapped the thick meat against his free hand.  “You want this big dick?”  He knew I wanted his thick meat, but was going to make me beg for it.

“Fuck yeah, baby!  I want every inch of that big, uncut cock!”

MaxDominantX slowly started to slide his hand along the shaft, using his spit as lube.  His pace quickened as his cock became slick with spit.  As his pace hastened, MaxDominantX became more vocal; moaning in pleasure, which, of course, made me want his cock even more.  His balls soon began to tighten and his cock engorged more as he approached his orgasm.  He asked if I was ready for his hot load… I was!  His hand became a blur, and suddenly he burst.  A HUGE load erupted into the air, hitting him just below his shoulder and covering his smooth chest with the creamy liquid.  It looked good enough to taste!

So don’t miss your chance to be with a REAL man!


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