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After a long day at work, I had signed into to blow of some steam.  I searched around a little bit before I found precisely what I was looking for…. MasqueradeMen28.  These two studs put on a show that I won’t soon forget.

When I entered their room the two were already in bed:  one sitting at the foot of bed while the other was sprawled out beside him.  Neither of them wore anything except for a pair of skimpy briefs, which left very little to the imagination, and a black masquerade mask.  As the three of us began to chat, they told me how they loved being watched.  The thrill of having someone watch as they made love to one another made the orgasm that much better.  From there, we began discussing positioning, and I soon found out that their favorite position was cowboy.  Who doesn’t love to go for a ride on a big cock?  I of course asked for a demonstration… and then went private.

As soon as I had them to myself the briefs came off and the foreplay began.  The MasqueradeMen28 began to passionately kiss one another, their cocks quickly growing.  Their hands explored each other’s body as they continued to kiss.  Soon their lips began to wander as well.  Before long, the pair had each other’s cocks in their mouths and was blowing one another.  Each of them took turns swallowing the other’s dick, both eliciting moans from their partner.  It was so fucking hot, but I still needed my demonstration.  As if they had read my mind, the two prepared themselves for some hardcore action.  The one flipped his partner to his back and started rimming his tight hole in preparation for the real prize… his hard cock!  What a prize it was, as I watched him bounce up and down on that thick meat pole.  Wish I could have had a ride of my own!

I’m not going to ruin their whole show, though.  I can definitively say that cowboy is their favorite position though.  The MasqueradeMen28 simply couldn’t get enough of one another and I can’t blame them!


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