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It had been a long week, and I was in dire need of some time to relax.  What better way to relax than to spend some time with a cute guy on  So, that’s precisely what I did.  I logged into SuperMen and started browsing through the guys.  It didn’t take me long to find the one:  MarkPaigeX.

As I entered his room, I found MarkPaigeX sitting shirtless in front of the camera.  His muscled chest and toned abdominals distracting me as I tried to begin a conversation.  After a moment to regain my composure, I began to chat with MarkPaigeX.  This stunning, young man was charming!  His outgoing personality was contagious and I soon found myself begging for more time with him.  Knowing that if I didn’t act fast someone else would, I took MarkPaigeX private for some one-on-one time.

Once I had MarkPaigeX to myself, the real fun began.  He immediately stood from his chair and began to dance.  His hands sliding across his body as his hips swayed to the music.  Slowly, MarkPaigeX began to unbutton his jeans, allowing them to gently fall to the floor.  There stood he in nothing but a pair of Calvins, which appeared to be quite full, but much as I enjoyed watching MarkPaigeX move, I wanted to see what he was hiding.  He must’ve sensed by angst, because within seconds he was pushing the Calvins off of his hips.  Now completely naked, MarkPaigeX took his seat and grabbed hold of his already growing cock.  With a few strokes he was at full mast!  His stroking became more aggressive now that he was hard; his big balls bouncing back and forth as he jerked himself off.  He continued to pound his meat for nearly 10 minutes before he shot one of the biggest loads I have ever seen on  He was left covered in his creamy man-milk…



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