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I woke up this morning with some SERIOUS morning wood!  I tried everything, and couldn’t seem to get it to go down.  Craving a release, I signed into SuperMen in hopes that I’d find someone that could help me out.  After a small amount of searching a found CalvinOnee, and knew that he would be the solution to my “problem.”

I entered CalvinOnee’s room and found him just relaxing on the couch.  Already shirtless, I was able to see most of his body and was very impressed.  His muscled chest and bulging arms had me even more excited than I was when I entered!  After I’d had some time to simply admire CalvinOnee’s body, we struck up a conversation.  I commended him on his incredible physique and he told me about his intense workouts, which of course led to how horny he got after the gym.  Obviously, I asked him to elaborate.  He simply smirked and told me, “It’s important to work ALL of your muscles.”  With that CalvinOnee stood, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them low enough to provide me with a mere glimpse of his bulging tighty whities.  That glimpse was all I needed to make a decision; I took CalvinOnee private.

His jeans did not last long, once I had CalvinOnee to myself.  They were quickly pushed to the floor, as he be began oiling his body.  Now covered in the clear fluid, he began to flex for me.  His muscles glistening as he showed off.  My attention, however, was on but one muscle, which was quickly becoming more visible as the oil spilled onto his briefs.  He must have been enjoying the attention because his cock was now rock hard and outlined quite nicely beneath the now opaque fabric.  I must not have been the only one to notice the engorged muscle, though.  CalvinOnee pushed the oil-soaked briefs from his hips and immediately took hold of his thick, 8.5-inch uncut cock.  Already lubed up, he wasted no time to begin stroking himself.  His hand pounded at his thick dick as he moaned in ecstasy, CalvinOnee’s other hand tugging at his nipples to elicit additional pleasure.  Seeing him tug relentlessly at his perfect cock had me at the edge of orgasm, and based on his moans he wasn’t far either. 

Within minutes, we came in unison.  CalvinOnee covered his muscled body in his creamy man-milk.  As I settled from my own orgasm, I could help but hope for a round two with this Adonis.  I will definitely be back for some more CalvinOnee.


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