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If I had to identify a “type” that I’m generally attracted to, then I’d probably say a big-dicked, jock.  There’s just something about a muscled, athletic man with a huge cock that gets my blood flowing.  Sometimes you need to look outside of your “type,” though.  You may be pleasantly surprised, as I was with HardcoreJAMAL.

I’m not entirely sure why I stepped into HardcoreJAMAL’s room when I did, but I found him seated shirtless on the couch in a pair of basketball shorts.  He didn’t have the muscle that initially attracts me to someone, but his tattooed chest and bad boy attitude caught my attention.  I struck up a conversation and quickly learned that HardcoreJAMAL didn’t just have the attitude, he truly a bad boy.   Obviously that turned me on even more, because who doesn't love a bad boy.  As we continued to chat, he began to tug at his cock through the fabric of his shorts.  The conversation soon became more sexual in nature and with that he stopped simply tugging at his cock and began stroking himself through his basketball shorts.  Based on his strokes alone, he certainly wasn’t missing everything I looked for in a man… That cock had to be massive!  I needed to find out what this bad boy was hiding; I took him private.

HardcoreJAMAL took control of the show when we went private.  Still stroking his cock through his shorts, he had me beg to see that monster.  Without hesitation I did and was in turn rewarded.  HardcoreJAMAL pulled his cock from beneath the fabric and let me see his man-meat for the first time.  Fuck it was perfect:  thick, uncut, and at least 8-inches!  His cock still in hand, he began smacking it against his other hand.  That did not last long, though.  HardcoreJAMAL tucked his cock back beneath the fabric of his shorts and waited for me to resume my begging.  After seeing that cock, how could I not beg for more?  I relinquished complete control and let this domineering top lead the way.  After I’d accepted my submissive role, HardcoreJAMAL took me on a journey that I won’t soon forget!

He certainly knows how to please… and shot a massive load.  I’ll be back for more; that’s for sure!


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