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Is there anything better than a muscled stud with a big, uncut cock?  Clearly the answer is “No,” which made finding Gino that much more rewarding!

When I entered Gino’s room, the show had, unfortunately, already begun.  Wearing noting but a pair of posing trunks, Gino was flexing each of his muscles for us.  All that bulging flesh was beginning to have quite an effect on me, and I was ready to focus my attention on a more specific bulge.  Not wanting to lose my chance, I took Gino private.

As soon as I had Gino to myself, the trunks hit the floor.  Although he continued to flex his muscles for me, my attention was on just one muscle:  that big, uncut cock that was swaying between his legs!  Gino’s attention soon shifted to his cock as well though.  Slowly he began to tug at the foreskin of his flaccid cock.  His cock soon grew with the added attention and he was no longer simply tugging at the foreskin, but stroking his full cock.  His hand slid along the smooth flesh of his dick as he jerked himself off.  Unsurprisingly, this was just another muscle that Gino knew how to expertly work.  As he continued to pull at his big cock, his strokes quickened.  With a primal moan, Gino’s body tensed and he shot off a massive load that drenched his body in cum.  The creamy liquid welled up in his muscled abs as he relished in his orgasm.

With that the show ended, but I was already prepared for round two with Gino!


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