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I woke up this morning ROCK hard!  Problem was I needed to get to work and I couldn’t get it to go down.  Without any other options, I logged into and looked for some “inspiration.”

Within moments, I’d found precisely what I was looking for:  Chriss_Daniels.  When I entered this sexy, Latin twink’s room, he was already laying half naked in bed.  A pair of white trunks covered his cock as he awaited the arrival of his first guest.  Not having time to waste, I quickly started flirting with Chriss_Daniels, trying to get those trunks to disappear.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky, but what he told me next was all it took for me to take him private.

“23 cm.”

Knowing that Chriss_Daniels had 23 cm. – that’s 9-inches – of cock waiting for me made the decision to take him private all too easy.  The moment I had him to myself, the trunks hit the floor and all 9-inches of uncut, Latin cock were revealed to me.  What I would have given to suck on that cock!  Chriss_Daniels quickly took hold of his cock, though, and began to stroke himself.  Slowly his hand moved along the shaft of his monstrous cock as he moaned in pleasure.  Precum began to gush from the head of his dick as his strokes began to quicken.  Soon his hand was a blur.  Both Chriss_Daniels and myself were soon at the brink of orgasm; our balls drawing closer to our bodies.  He could hold his load no longer, though.

A fountain of cum erupted from his engorged cock, coating his torso in the creamy man-milk.   What a perfect way to start my morning!


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