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The name says it all… Trent is a muscle hunk!

I found this muscled Adonis sitting in front of the camera wearing a simple black tank, when I entered his show.  I was immediately attracted to his chiseled features and smooth, muscular body.  We started chatting – and flirting – which only exasperated my initial attraction.  Soon he was on his feet, flexing and posing for my pleasure.  His body as PERFECT!  I wanted… no I needed to see more of MuscleHunkTrent!  There was no other choice than to go private.

As soon as I had him to myself, MuscleHunkTrent quickly slid out of his tank and continued to flex his massive chest and biceps.  He must have been enjoying the attention as much as I was enjoying the show, because the bulge in his shorts had quickly doubled in size.  Curious as to what he was hiding beneath those shorts, I asked him if he’d let me see some more skin.  With a coy smile, MuscleHunkTrent pushed the shorts from his hips and allowed his massive cock to smack against his rippled abs.  He took hold of his erect member, and slowly began to tug at the thick meat.  It came as no surprise, but this was simply just another muscle that MuscleHunkTrent knew how to expertly work.  He made sure that I saw, heard, and felt each and every sensation that he he was eliciting from himself.  As his stroking intensified, so did his moans.  MuscleHunkTrent was quickly approaching orgasm and I was not far behind him.  Within mere moments, he was shooting his load all over his rippled body.  Cum pooling along the curves of his abdominals as he came down from his orgasm. 

Is there any better way to end a show than covered in cum and sweat?


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