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I hadn’t planned on spending much time on SuperMen, but it took just a minute with CuteVerdi4U to realize that that wasn’t leaving anytime soon.  This man is gorgeous – a muscled body, a chiseled face, and a cock that simply begs for attention.  When I entered his room, CuteVerdi4U was still dressed, but I had other plans for him. 

We started chatting, which lead to flirting, and before I knew it CuteVerdi4U was sultrily removing his clothing for the camera.  Slowly sliding his black tank top over his head, revealing his perfectly sculpted body for me as he lay back onto the couch.  His hands glided across his flesh, stopping only to gently tug at each of his nipples.  CuteVerdi4U did not stop there, though.  His lift his hips off of the couch, hooked his fingers under the waistband of his shorts, and slowly pushed them his ankles revealing an ample bulge in black briefs.  CuteVerdi4U began to play with his cock through the thin fabric of his briefs.  Within mere moments, his cock had grown to full size, but if I wanted to see it in all its glory I was going to need to take CuteVerdi4U private.

After all that, there was no way I could deny my urges.  I needed to see more of CuteVerdi4U.  I took him private, and got to see it all!  CuteVerdi4U immediately removed his briefs and began to stroke his big, uncut cock.  Fast and full strokes at first, quickly transitioned to a two handed fucking.  CuteVerdi4U worked his cock with gusto, and I loved every minute of it.  Soon his balls began to draw in and his stroking became more manic.  He was approaching orgasm and I wanted to see him shoot that load.  Within moments, he was covered in creamy man milk, and I wanted a taste!

Maybe next time…


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