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I was still recovering from the weekend, when I found WilliamGinger on SuperMen.  I was just browsing through the models, when WilliamGinger’s profile caught my attention.  I mean after all, who doesn't love a ginger!  

When I entered his room, WilliamGinger was simply laying on the bed waiting.  There was something so alluring about him.  I don't know if it was seeing him in this position - his lightly furred ass just barely visible - or his smoldering eyes, but I wanted more of him.  I stayed, and began to chat with WilliamGinger.

As we started chatting, WilliamGinger began to interact more with the camera for me.  Pushing up to his knees, he slowly began swaying his hips.  His hands sliding down his muscled torso to the waistband of his briefs.  WilliamGinger teased me as he pushed the waistband every so slowly down, providing me with the smallest glimpse of his thick cock.  I yearned for more of his body, though.  

Without hesitation, I took WilliamGinger private, and the teasing quickly intensified!  He began to slowly stroke himself through the thin fabric of his briefs.  With his cock now clearly outlined by the tight fabric, his hands ventured up, rubbing his toned chest and toying with his nipples as I watched in angst.  WilliamGinger had teased me enough, though.  He began to return his hands to the waistband of his briefs; slowly he applied pressure to the material.  Soon I was rewarded with a “POP,” as his rock-hard cock smacked up against his toned abdominals.

WilliamGinger’s hand found its way to his perfect, uncut cock.  Slowly he enveloped it in preparation of what would be a great show for me…  Let’s just say that WilliamGinger knows how to work his cock!  I’ll let the rest be a surprise, but know that I left WilliamGinger’s show a VERY satisfied customer.


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