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The moment I saw BrutRider20 I was entranced by him:  the light dusting of fur on his chest, the blonde hair and blue eyes, the thick cock outlined nicely in his tight briefs.  I was buying everything that he was selling; that’s for sure!

I entered his chat room to find BrutRider20 relaxed in a chair.  His body was already unclothed, and it was a sight!  The light coating of blonde hair over his chest had me licking my lips, but it wasn't until my gaze traveled a little further south that I began drooling over him.  Jammed into his tight blue briefs was a MONSTER of a cock that I needed to see more of.  Without a moments thought, I took BrutRider20 private.

And seeing that monster in all its glory made it completely worth it!  BrutRider20 took hold of his thick, uncut cock and began to slowly pump his fist along the shaft.  His long, slow strokes soon began to quicken.  Watching him pound his huge cock into his hands had me begging for a “ride.”  As he continued to pleasure himself, his balls began to draw closer.  With a primal moan, BrutRider20 a fountain of cum erupted from the head of his cock, covering his chest and abdomen in the creamy liquid.  With a coy smile, BrutRider20 lift his hand to his mouth for a taste of his own gooey goodness. 

If it's a big dick that you're in search of or perhaps a hot, muscled stud, go check out BrutRider20 at SuperMen.  You won’t leave disappointed!


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