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I entered LatinBADBoy20’s room, and was more than pleased with my selection when I saw him!  Granted he still had a skimpy pair of briefs on, but based on the bulge they were hiding, there was still plenty to be thankful for. 

As I continued to watch LatinBADBoy20, my intrigue only intensified.  I wanted to see more of him, but he would not remove those briefs… at least for now.  With a little persuasion, LatinBADBoy20 provided me with but a glimpse of his thick, uncut cock; that was all I needed to see before taking him private.

It didn’t take much coaxing after that, before those briefs were a thing of the past.  LatinBADBoy20 stood from his seat and pushed the briefs to the floor.  His erect cock quickly sprung upward, leaving a streak of precum where it had hit.  Taking hold of his cock, he began to slowly slide his hand up and down the shaft.  Using his own precum as lube, he began to pound his cock into his hand.  If only there were something else for him to pound?  He continued to thrust his cock mercilessly into his fist; using both hands at one point to really go in deep.  Soon his thrusting slowed, and his balls drew closer.  Within moments, LatinBADBoy20 let loose a fountain of cum, the creamy liquid drenching his body as he milked the last drops from his cock!

If you like smooth, Latin men with big, uncut dicks then LatinBADBoy20 is just the man for you.


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