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I walked in to find Baelish_hot clad in a t-shirt and jeans.  He was simply sprawled out on the bed waiting for someone to come undress him.  Could you resist?

He pushed onto his knees and began to dance to the music he had playing, his hips moving in harmony with the beats.  Granted he looked hot as hell in his clothes, but I was pretty sure he'd look even better with them on the ground!  I took Baelish_hot private, and that's when the real fun began.

He started by merely removing his t-shirt.  He may not have removed much yet, but I was still enamored by him.  His smooth, muscled body swayed with the music, as his hands explored his body; his left hand sliding down to his pants whilst his right slid across his muscled chest.  Within moments, he had removed his belt, quickly letting it fall to the ground.  His pants were soon to follow.  He now stood in front of the camera clad only in a pair of black trunks.  Baelish_hot’s hands soon found their way to the waistband of his trunks, where they slowly began to push them closer to the floor. 

When his trunks hit the floor, so did my jaw!  Much like the rest of his body, Baelish_hot’s cock was AMAZING.  With no clothing to keep his hands busy, Baelish_hot began to stroke his ample cock.  His hands slid along the full length of his dick, tugging at his foreskin as he reached the head.  His moans indicated clearly that he was enjoying himself – and so was I!  His pace may have started slowly, but it quickly intensified as his pleasure grew.  Soon his hand was but a blur and his moans more animalistic.

His body tensed as what would surely be a massive orgasm approached.  He was not done with this show just yet, though.  His stroking slowed as he brought himself back from the edge.  His cock twitching as he teasingly stroked it.  The head engorged as precum flowed copiously from it…

I’ll let you find out what happens next, though.  Visit Baelish_hot at now, to see how things end!  It’s EXPLOSIVE that is for sure.


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