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"Ass.  Ass.  Ass.  Ass.  Ass!"  

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Blacckkboyy on  When I entered his room, he was already twerking for the camera; showing us just how well he can move that “money maker.”  His tight, bubble-butt may have had me mesmerized, but that wasn't the only thing Blacckkboyy was showing off.  As he continued to dance for us, Blacckkboyy provided us with a view of the hefty bulge he was hiding beneath his briefs.  Based on that ass alone I was ready to take him private, but after seeing that bulge I knew I needed more!

Once I had Blacckkboyy to myself, he felt no need to continue wearing those silly briefs.  He threw them to the floor and continued to dance for me.  No longer contained by the fabric of his underwear, his cock flopped vigorously as he danced.  It must not have bothered him though, because the more he danced the harder he got!  Now fully erect, Blacckkboyy began to slow his tempo and focus more on his cock.  Taking hold of his cock, he began to slowly slide his hand along the full length.  As he lay down in bed, he drew his legs up so that I was once again able to see that bubble-butt that had caught my attention.  While using one hand to still stroke his cock, he began to use the other to slowly explore his tight, pink hole.  As he applied more pressure, his finger soon slipped into his hole.  Starting with just that one finger, Blacckkboyy began to fuck himself while jerking off.  Soon he would have three fingers buried deep in his tight ass, all while he pounded his cock with his other hand.  

As he lay on his back - legs in the air - he asked if I enjoyed seeing him finger his tight hole, if I'd wanted to be the one doing it to him?  

Fuck yeah I did.  This boy was driving me crazy, and I suspect he shall do the same to y'all!  Go check him out, only at!


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