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I’d just woken up and it was quite evident that I had had some “good” dreams, if you know what I mean.  I obviously couldn’t leave the house like that, so I had no choice but to try and take care of it.  And what’s the best way to do that?, of course!  I immediately logged in and starting looking for someone that could “help” me. That is when I found ClaudioRives.

By the time I entered his room, ClaudioRives had already started the show without me.  He was laying spread eagle on the couch in nothing but a pair of black trunks; his right hand wrapped tightly around his already hard cock beneath the thin fabric.  Needless to say, ClaudioRives quickly caught my attention.  As I continued to watch him show off for the camera, we began to chat.  With both of us already hard, sex was an obvious topic of conversation – specifically oral.  He told me how much he liked having a guy’s mouth wrapped around his big, uncut cock.  Nothing compared to 69-ing, though!  Having someone pleasure him all whilst he chocked on his partner’s cock… yes please!  With all this talk about sucking cock, I needed to see more of the goods.  I took ClaudioRives private so we could discuss things further.

Once we had the room to ourselves, ClaudioRives quickly pushed his trunks to the floor, his hard cock smacking against his abs as it was released.  With his trunks gone, ClaudioRives took a firm hold of his cock and began to stroke it for me.  I watched intently as he stroked, precum beginning to slowly ooze from the tip of his cock with each stroke.  He simply continued pulling at his thick meat, allowing the clear liquid drip further.  ClaudioRives’ strokes quickened and his hand quickly became a blur.  Within minutes, he let loose a flood of cum; splattering him with the creamy man milk! 

As we both were coming down from our orgasm, ClaudioRives left me with one final image to remember him by.  He scooped up some of the cum now resting on his abdomen, and swiftly licked it up.  Leaving me with these final words…

“Wish it were you licking it up.”


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