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Sometimes you just get bored with “vanilla,” and you need a little bit of kink in your life.  Well, Super_Massage was able to provide me with just that!  This leather-clad stud had me begging for more by the end, but don’t let me skip ahead…

I entered SuperMassage’s room to find him sitting on the couch in a pair of skimpy briefs, a t-shirt, and leather jacket.  We immediately started chatting and flirting; things seemed to being going really well.  After some banter back and forth, I asked him if he would be willing to show me a little more of his body.  With a playful smirk, Super_Massage stood from the couch and began to dance for me.  His hips swayed as he slowly peeled back his leather jacket, letting it fall to the ground as he continued to dance.  That was simply the beginning though.  Removing his t-shirt for me as well, he now stood in front of me with nothing but his checkered briefs on.  Yummy!  Continuing to dance, Super_Massage’s muscles flexed as his hands slid across his body.  This guy was PERFECT, and I wanted to see what was beneath those briefs… from the looks of it there was a LOT.

I decided to take Super_Massage private.  Most of the time the guys let me lead the show; this, however, was not going to be one of those times.  Super_Massage teased me with his body till I begged him for more!  By the end, Super_Massage and I were both drenched in sweat, covered in cum, and ready for a round two. 

So if you’re looking to be bossed around a little, then Super_Massage is the man for you!


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