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Cruising the cams on SuperMen.com this afternoon lead me to one of the most incredible guys I’ve even met! JasperFamous immediately caught my eye attention with his brooding features and muscular, tattooed body; he was definitely “my type.”  

So I struck up a conversation with JasperFamous, and we seemed to really hit it off.  We compared tattoos and workout routines, just kind of got to know each other.  But it didn’t take much for me to realize that I wanted to see more of JasperFamous.  Not wanting to risk losing him, I took JasperFamous private.

Once we were alone, JasperFamous wasted little time.  He stood from his seat and began to dance, using his hips to hypnotize.  Soon his hands began to wander, quickly finding their way to the waistband of his trunks.  With a steady push, JasperFamous let his trunks fall to the floor.  Now completely naked, I was able to see everything!  He certainly did not disappoint… I’ll just say that.  Taking hold of his now flaccid cock, JasperFamous quickly began to tug at his shaft and foreskin.  Within moments he was hard and his gentle tugs became full strokes.  I watched in awe as he pounded his thick, uncut cock, moaning steadily as precum began to gush from his slick mushroom head.  As he continued to stroke relentlessly at his dick, JasperFamous’ ball began to draw close.  With a primal groan, a fountain of cum erupted from his cock, covering his abs, chest, and chin in cum! 

Yup… he was DEFINITELY “my type!”


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