It was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed this morning… I figured maybe after some time on SuperMen I may be more motivated, so I logged in.  After browsing for a bit, I found DEADLYMUSCLES and the blood definitely started pumping.

I entered his room to find this muscled stud sitting in front of the camera seemingly deep in thought.  His muscular torso filled the screen; my head already swimming.  We immediately started chatting.  He may have the face of an angel, but based on the conversation he were having he had the mind of the devil!  DEADLYMUSCLES definitely wasn’t timid, and he had me drooling.  I needed more of this one...  I took him private.

That, however, is when the real show began!  As the camera zoomed out, DEADLYMUSCLES provided me with my first look at his entire body.  He was still wearing a tank and pair of posing trunks, but damn!  This guy was gorgeous.  I continued admiring, but he slowly began to peel the tank from his torso.  His shirt – and my jaw – hit the floor.  It was clear that DEADLYMUSLCES was attractive, but when his shirt came off, I was mesmerized.  The muscles, the tattoos… it was all just so YUMMY.  Now in just his trunks, DEADLYMUSCLES began to tease me.  His hands sliding across his muscled chest and washboard abs, slowly his hand made its way to the waistband of his trunks.  With a gentle push he gave me but a glimpse of his thick cock. 

He knew what I wanted, but he wanted me to beg… After some pleading, I was able to get those trunks off too.  When he finally took hold of that thick, cut cock, he didn’t let go.  DEADLYMUSCLES worked expertly worked his cock till he was shooting a load that left him drenched in creamy man-milk.  It was monumental!

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