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L0VERforYou is as the name implies… A lover for YOU! 

Things started off rather simply with L0VERforYou, though.  I entered his room to find him relaxing in front of his computer with a pair of shorts on.  He did not, however, stay seated for long.  Within the moments of entering his room, L0VERforYou was on his feet and swaying to the music he had playing in the background.  Slowly he began to push his shorts to the ground as he swayed to the music, revealing a skimpy pair of black trunks in the process.  Thankfully, those trunks revealed even more... L0VERforYou had “plenty” for me to love!  Whilst continuing to dance, his hands slowly slid across his body and into his trunks; he gently toyed with himself.  His bulge quickly began to grow as his rigid cock soon became quite evident.  Damn I wanted a taste, and I’d not even seen it yet!

I decided that I needed L0VERforYou to myself.  We went private, and he made sure all of my wishes came true.  Whether I asked him to stroke his big cock or finger his tight hole, he did so with pleasure.  Based on the load he shot at the end, I don’t think I was the only one enjoying the show! 

So what will your first wish be?

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