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It had been a long day at work, and I was ready to relax a little bit… with a hot guy of course.  I logged into SuperMen, and started looking for someone to spend the evening with.  A few had caught my attention, but none were able to keep it.  That was until I entered desirefopassion’s room!

This boy was HOT!  I clicked into his room, and was immediately turned on by him.  He was just sitting at the edge of the bed, rubbing oil onto his muscled frame.  His hands slid across his body has he applied the glistening liquid to his chest.  The mere sight of this had me hard, yet I yearned for more.  Slowly his hands made their way down his body, covering each and every inch of his body in the clear liquid.  His hands soon slid further down and out of the camera frame, which meant desirefopassion was oiling my favorite muscle of all.  In that instant, I knew I needed to go private…

Now alone, desirefopassion adjusted the camera so that the show could continue.  His hands resumed their journey south as they sunk beneath the waistband of his underwear.  desirefopassion slowly began to stroke himself, the outline of his big, uncut cock becoming more prominent with each stroke of his hand.  Within moments, he was fully erect, and I was begging him to unleash the beast. 

With a singular thrust of his hands, desirefopassion’s briefs fell to the ground and his monstrous cock sprung forth.  He immediately took hold, and continued to stroke his member.  Moaning as his hand slid up and down the length of his shaft, precum began to slowly drip from the head of desirefopassion’s uncut meat.  His pace soon quickened as he approached orgasm, his moans intensifying.  I wanted to see him cum; no I needed to see him cum! 

desireforpassion continued to stroke vigorously at his dick; his body beginning to tense as he neared climax. 

“Are you ready to see me bust this load?”  He asked.

I quickly reassured him that there was nothing I wanted more!  With a devilish smirk, he began to pound his cock into both hands.  It took but seconds for desireforpassion to begin showering himself in cum.  It was everywhere!

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