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While I browsing through the men at SuperMen.com, I happened to stumble upon HarderCockXXL.  Most of the time, it's a model’s profile picture that draws me into their room; however, it was HarderCockXXL’s user name that brought me to his room.  I was curious… How big is XXL?  Only one-way to find out, so I went in.

As soon as I saw him sitting on the couch – his hard cock already visible beneath his gray briefs – I knew that XXL was a more than accurate description!  There was no need to waste time on trivial chitchat, I wanted some XXL cock and HarderCockXXL was the perfect man for the job… I took him private.

Once I had HarderCockXXL to myself, the first request I made was that he remove those silly gray briefs and let me see that monstrous cock he had hiding under there.  He laughed at first, but quickly obliged my request.  He pushed the briefs to the floor and let his meat smack against his rippled abdomen.  HarderCockXXL quickly took hold of his massive dick, pulling the foreskin back as his hand slid down the shaft.  He did not stop there, though; he continued working his monster of a cock.  Masterfully sliding his hand up and down the full length of his shaft as precum began to flow from the tip.  HarderCockXXL certainly put on a show.  After pounding his cock with both hands, he shot off a load that I won’t soon forget!  Let’s just say that sweat wasn’t the only thing he was drenched in…

Simply put:  don’t miss your opportunity to see this “monster” in action!


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