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I had just gotten home from a very long day, and needed to unwind a little… Naturally that meant some time spent on!

I started browsing through some of the guys, when I found just what I was looking for:  DuckeBigDick.  I immediately entered his room, and found him simply sitting in front of the camera shirtless.  He was just listening to some music, waiting for someone to come say “hello.”  Thankfully that someone was I!

Things started things off rather casually with DuckeBigDick, just some chitchat and flirting.  He was adorable!  After some time, our casual banter shifted towards a more primal subject:  sex.  Obviously that provoked me into asking just how big his “BigDick” was.  Thankfully he didn’t shy away from the questions.

“19-cm, cut, but you’ll have to wait to see it…” 

Knowing that DuckeBigDick had 7.5-inches of Russian cock just waiting for me was all the persuasion I needed.  I took immediately took him private.

Once we were alone, DuckeBigDick no longer felt the need to keep his pants on.  He stood up from the couch, unbuttoned his pants, and let them fall to the ground.  There he stood, completely naked; his flaccid cock begging for attention as hit hung between his legs.  Taking hold of his dick, DuckeBigDick began to slowly stroke himself.  His hand sliding up and down his cock as it steadily grew.  Now fully erect, his pace quickened as he began pounding away at his meat.  Precum began to flow as he relentlessly jerked his cock.  Soon he was at the brink of orgasm…

“You want to shoot this load?”

Fuck yes!  Not only did I want to see him shoot that loaded, I needed it.  DuckeBigDick continued to tug at his engorged dick, and within minutes my patience was rewarded.  He busted a HUGE load of thick, creamy man milk all over his stomach!

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