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It had been a long day at work, so I needed to blow off some steam when I finally got home.  I logged into and started looking for someone that’d be able to help me.  That’s when I found bigcocko…

When I entered his room, I found him exactly as he was in his profile pic – shirtless and in a pair of black briefs.  He was just chatting with the people in his room, having fun and flirting a little bit, but I had a feeling that he wanted someone to take control… so I did.

I started things off slowly by simply asking him to show off his body.  With a coy smile he stood and began to show off a little.  His hands sliding across his body as he let us take in each and every inch of his athletic body.  With a name like bigcocko, of course my eyes lingered on the bulge of his black briefs though.  As I watched him play with his body, I couldn’t resist any longer.  I took bigcocko private in order to see just how big, “big” really was…

You know what they say, “It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.”  Well, bigcocko may not have had the biggest cock I’ve seen, but this Colombian stud knew precisely how to work his 6-inches of uncut meat.  From slow stroking to relentless fucking, bigcocko worked his dick in anyway imaginable for my viewing pleasure.  Anything I asked of him, I received, including a couple of fingers up his tight ass!  So… what will your first request be?

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