When I signed into this morning, I hadn’t anticipated finding someone that would drive me quite so wild!

When I entered MAXXHUGECOCK’s show, I found him simply sitting on the couch in a pair blue Calvin Kleins.  His flaccid cock outlined perfectly by the thin material immediately caught my attention.  Even if he was simply a “show-er,” as they say, he was packing some uncut, meat!  After I’d enjoyed the “sights” for a little while longer, we began to chat, just the basic stuff at first:  where are you from, what do you like to do, etc. Things quickly escalated though as he shifted the conversation to sex.  His hands wandered as he began describing his sexual interests and primal desires.  I was getting hard just listening, and based on the bulge in his briefs he was too!  With that my decision was made; we were going private.

That’s when the real show started, though!  MAXXHUGECOCK couldn’t get those briefs off fast enough and that monster cock of his in hand.  Using long, full strokes at first, MAXXHUGECOCK slowly pleasured himself as I watched.  Moaning softly as he hand slid up the full 9-inches of his shaft, gently tugging at his foreskin as he reached the tip.  Precum began to slowly drip from his cock as he continued to stroke, but simply allowed for him to speed up his pace.  His cock now well lubed with precum, MAXXHUGECOCK began to pound his cock into both hands.  His moaning became more intense and soon his balls drew close; he was going to cum.  With one final thrust, MAXXHUGECOCK buried his cock into his fists and let forth an eruption of cum!

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