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I entered veylovedos’s chat room after a particularly long day of work.  I needed to relax and release some of that tension I’d built up all day.  I found him lying in bed, wearing nothing but a pair of red trunks, his keyboard conveniently placed over his ample bulge.  As I gazed upon veylovedos, his beauty quickly enamored me.  His muscled chest covered in tattoos, his chiseled facial features, and his piercing blue eyes pulling me in deeper as I watched him slowly play with himself.  I had yet say anything to veylovedos, though.  I simply watched as he continued to tug at the red fabric of his trunks, gently sliding his hand along his cock.  His cock began to grow, quickly stretching the thing fabric with its girth.  I knew that in order to see more of veylovedos I was going to have to go private, so that’s exactly what I did!

Once we had the room to ourselves, I began chatting with this stunning man.  He shifted positions as to lie upon his side moving the keyboard from his lap, and providing me a clear view of his now rock hard cock… unfortunately it was still in his trunks.  That was not the case for much longer though.  His hands began to wander and soon they were slowly pushing the red trunks down his legs.  His cock snapped up from beneath the tight fabric and smacked against his rippled abs, a stream of precum falling from its head.

With his cock now in hand, veylovedos began to slowly stroke himself.  Using his precum as lube, veylovedos slid his hand up and down the entirety of the shaft.  A small gasp escaping his mouth as he gently twisted the head, precum now steadily flowing.  His stroking soon quickened as he began enjoying himself more.  His balls tightening in preparation for what was sure to be a MASSIVE load… and it was!  He drenched himself in the creamy, white liquid, a few drops even managing to hit him on the neck.

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