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xAureliano69 is the ALL man! 

His brooding features, muscled body, and bathroom selfie may have initially caught my attention, but it was the massive bulge in his trunks that kept it!  So I started chatting with xAureliano69, and quickly realized he was my type:  smart, outgoing, athletic, etc.  Wanting to see if I could get a little more time with xAureliano69, I decided to flirt a little.  Thankfully, that did just the trick!  Not only did I catch his attention, I convinced him to give us all a little preview of the “real show.”  Let’s just say that that did the trick; I immediately took xAureliano69 private!

His “preview show” had already begun to have an affect on xAureliano69; his cock slowly grew beneath the thin fabric of his trunks.  Within seconds of going private, he was already fully erect, but there was only one problem:  he still had those trunks on!  Continuing to tease himself – and myself – he slowly slid his hand along the shaft of his rigid member through his trunks.  A puddle quickly began to form at the front of his trunks as his stroking continued.  Thankfully, at that point, it didn’t take much convincing to get him out of those trunks!  He threw them to the ground, his cock finally free from the thin fabric.  Quickly he took hold of his cock, slapping the thick meat against his free hand.  With a coy smile, xAureliano69 asked me, “How bad do you want this cock?”  The answer was simple:  I wanted it BAD!

Using spit as his only lube, xAureliano69 slowly resumed playing with his cock.  His pace, however, soon hastened as his cock became slick with spit.  With that, his moaning became more primal.  His balls began to tighten and his cock engorged more as he quickly approached orgasm. 

“You ready for this load?”  Fuck yeah, I was!  His hand became a blur as he jerked, and then he burst.  A massive load erupted into the air, hitting him just below the shoulder and coating his smooth chest.  I was certainly ready for a taste…  Maybe next time!


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