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I was in the mood for something a little “sweet” this afternoon.  There’s nothing better to satisfy a “sweet tooth” with than some chocolate, so I logged into and found me just that. 

Blac_Cowboy was tall, dark, and gorgeous.  When I entered his room, he was already half naked in front of the camera, his perfectly toned body on display for me to admire.  After ogling him for a moment, I struck up a conversation with Blac_Cowboy.  Quickly it became apparent that not only did he have an amazing body but he had an amazing personality as well!  Although I probably could have just talked with Blac_Cowboy for hours, his half-naked body was having quite the effect on me.  So, I took him private in hopes that he may satisfy my need for something “sweet.”

Without anyone else to interrupt us, Blac_Cowboy stood from his chair and slowly began to dance for me.  His muscled body – moving perfectly to the music – had me mesmerized.  As he continued to dance, his hands found their way to the waistband of his boxer briefs.  Slowly he pushed at the thin fabric, providing me with but a glimpse of his cock.  Blac_Cowboy continued to push and soon his big, uncut cock fell from the fabric… and so did my mouth!  His cock was massive, and it was only semi-erect at this point.  Quickly he grabbed hold of the thick meat and began to tug at his foreskin.  Within mere moments he was at full-mast.  His hand barely able to warp around his cock, slid from base to head as he slowly jerked himself off.  That was not going to be enough for Blac_Cowboy, though.  Grabbing hold with his second hand, he started pounding his fists full of cock.  Blac_Cowboy did not hold back as he pleasured himself, and soon he was at the brink of orgasm.

By the end of the show, Blac_Cowboy was covered in his creamy man-milk and I my “sweet tooth” had been more than satisfied!


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