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It had been an exhausting weekend, and I just needed to relax a little!  I logged into SuperMen.com, hoping that I could find someone to help me unwind.  Luckily, ricorickyxxx’s profile picture caught my attention.

I entered his room to find sitting in front of the camera.  He had already removed his shirt, and was showing off a little to the others in the public chat; it would have seemed that I arrived late to the “party.”  Not wanting to waste anymore time, I immediately struck up a conversation with ricorickyxxx.  Turns out he had so much more to offer than just his chiseled features and muscled body.  We talked about everything from where we were from to what we look for in a partner – obviously I’d described him physically!  Things were going well, though.  I decided to take ricorickyxxx private, in hopes that I may get to know him a little more intimately…

Things definitely got more intimate once in the private chat.  He immediately stood from his chair and pushed his briefs to the floor.  ricorickyxxx wasn’t wasting any time!  Quickly grabbing hold of his flaccid cock, ricorickyxxx began tugging away at his meat.  Within moments, his thick, 9-inch cock was fully erect and already gushing precum.  Using the clear liquid as lube, ricorickyxxx stroked his cock with abandon.  Switching from one position to the next in order to satisfy my ever whim.  It did not take long for him to reach the breaking point, though, and on my command he shot an explosive load that covered both him and the bed in cum. 


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