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“Come play with me [you] will never forget it.”

That was all that AntonMuscled20c had included in his profile, but alas that was all it took to get me into his room.  I entered to find him seated shirtless in front of the camera.  He was simply flexing a little, letting us all admire his incredible body.  I knew immediately that I wanted to “play” with AntonMuscled20c, but understood that I would need to act quickly.  Fearful that another might beat me to it, I took AntonMuscled20c private.

After taking him private, AntonMuscled20c quickly began to warm things up.  He began by once again flexing for me, but this time he did not remain seated.  Instead he stood from his chair and provided me with a glimpse of his every muscle… well almost every.  AntonMuscled20c must have realized that, though, as he began to slowly push against the waistband of his shorts.  The thin fabric gave way and soon fell to the floor.  There he stood, now completely naked and already semi-erect.  AntonMuscled20c continued to pose, his perfectly sculpted body now on full display.  As I continued to ogle, his cock steadily grew.  Unable to ignore the bulging muscle, AntonMuscled20c finally took hold of his 8-inch meat and began to jerk himself off.  His hand sliding up and down his cock, twisting ever so slightly as he reached the tip.  No longer interested in flexing, AntonMuscled20c sat back in his chair and began to really pump his cock with one hand whilst his other tugged at his nipples.  The combined sensation must have been intense as precum began to flow steadily from his cock.  Using the clear fluid as lube, his hand began to speed along his flesh and his balls tightened against his body. 

Within mere moments, he released a torrent of cum onto his body, the creamy liquid slowly pooling in the deep crevices of his washboard abs.


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