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I’d spent the weekend helping a friend move, so needless to say was exhausted when I got home.  I needed to get off and get to bed ASAP!  Thankfully, I found NandosGeorge within moments of logging into

When I first found NandosGeorge, he was simply relaxing in bed.  He had a basketball jersey and some black joggers on, but after a bit of persuasion those quickly became a thing of the past.  Without anything more than a pair of skimpy gray briefs covering his body, NandosGeorge allowed me a minute to simply admire.  His smooth, muscled body and boyish good looks likely would have been enough for me to take him private, but after seeing the massive bulge in his briefs there was no question.  I took NandosGeorge private, and let him show me everything he had to offer.

Without anyone else to disrupt us, NandosGeorge quickly pushed those briefs to the floor.  His flaccid cock hung thick atop his low hanging balls.  As he tugged at his cock, it quickly grew, though, and soon he was slowly sliding his hand along the full shaft of his thick, uncut cock.  Holding his cock in place, he spit into his hand and continued to jerk himself off.  Moaning as his hand now smoothly slid across the silky flesh of his dick, his pace hastened.  NandosGeorge soon took hold of his cock with both hands, pounding his uncut meat into his fist with vigor.  The smacking of his balls with each thrust soon stopped, as they pulled tight to his body.  Within moments, he showered the floor with his creamy man milk.  With a final smile, NandosGeorge ended the show, leaving me VERY satisfied and quite ready for bed.


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