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Upon entering extrabig22cm’s room, I was instantaneously attracted to him.  Here was this gorgeous, muscled stud with blonde hair and blue eyes sitting half naked in front of the camera.  There’s just something about a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes… It’s just a weakness.

As we began to chat, though, I quickly realized that there was so much more to extrabig22cm than his blonde hair and blue eyes.  He was fun and playful, while at the same time sweet and charming.  And the more we spoke, the simply more attracted to him I became.  He was seriously my “dream guy,” and I was more than prepared for this to become a “wet dream!”  I quickly decided to take extrabig22cm private.

With the room now to ourselves, extrabig22cm started to play to the camera a little more.  He stood from his chair allowing me to see his body in its entirety for the first time.  There was, however, one problem:  his briefs were still on.  Thankfully, within moments that problem solved itself as his briefs hit the floor.  There he was in all his glory, and it was magnificent!  His cock steadily grew as he tugged at his foreskin.  Soon he was fully erect, and extrabig22cm wasted little time.  He took hold of his thick 8.5-inches and began to pound it into his fist.  His massive low-hangers swinging back and forth as his cock slid in and out of his fist.  Precum gushed from his cock as he continued to jerk himself off.  extrabig22cm returned to his chair continued to pull at his thick dick.  Soon his balls drew close, and with a primal groan extrabig22cm let forth an explosive load.  The creamy liquid coated his muscled abs and chest as he continued to revel in his orgasm.


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