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With a name like BESTboysSHOW, you go into the room expecting a LOT.  Thankfully, these two did NOT disappoint!

I entered their public chat to find them both lounging on the bed.  We immediately began to chat; just chitchat at first – where are you from, how old are you, etc. – but our conversation quickly intensified.  I mean I had two half naked men in front of me, how could I not think about sex.  The BESTboysSHOW did not shy away from my questions though.  They answered each and everyone one of them, which is exactly why I took these two private.

Once we were alone, the BESTboysSHOW wasted little time starting the action.  Both Zack and Justin took to there knees and began to make-out.  Their hands exploring each other’s bodies as their tongues intertwined passionately.  As they continued to kiss, their cocks began to strain against the thin fabric of their underwear.  Zack took the lead and pushed his hands below the waistband of Justin’s trunks; grabbing hold of his bubbly ass as he pulled him deeper into their kiss.  Justin then followed Zack’s lead and pushed his partner’s briefs to the floor; Zack’s cock quickly finding a home in Justin’s hand.  Justin toyed with Zack’s cock for a moment, but he broke from their kiss and took Zack’s cock into his mouth.  Zack moaned with pleasure as Justin sucked his cock deep to the base, but he wanted a taste too.  Lying down on the bed, the BESTboysSHOW began to 69 each other.  Zack now had full access to Justin’s cock AND ass!  He used his tongue expertly on Justin till he was begging for Zack to fuck his tight hole.  Zack was more than happy to oblige his partner’s request.

Justin slowly lowered himself onto Zack’s big cock and began to go for the ride of his lifetime, Justin’s cock bouncing to and fro as he buried Zack’s cock deep into his ass each time.  The BESTboysSHOW were quickly reaching the point of know return and within a matter of moments the two shot their loads at the exact same time!  Not wanting the moment to end, the boys simply relaxed onto one another, Zack’s cock still nestled deeply in Justin’s ass and Justin covered in cum…

What a show!


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