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This boy is gorgeous!  His profile picture doesn’t even do him justice.

When I entered his room, I was blown away.  There he was, sprawled out on the bed in his white trunks.  It was a beautiful sight.  After taking a moment to simply admire JeffMiller01’s body, I struck up a conversation with him.  Not only was he incredibly gorgeous, but he was also engaging and articulate in conversation.  He made it easy to chat with him, and provided so much more than just a pretty face to look at.  As we continued to chat, it became clear that I wanted to see more of JeffMiller01; I took him into a private chat.

Unlike some, JeffMiller01 didn’t waste anytime in our private chat.  He took to his knees and began to slowly dance for me.  His hands slowly exploring the musculature of his body as his hips swayed.  As he continued to dance, his hands found their way to the waistband of his trunks, and he began to slowly push them to the floor.  Now completely naked, I could see JeffMiller01 in his full glory, and oh how glorious it was!  His flaccid cock hung low atop to massive balls that begged for attention.  They did not have to beg long as JeffMiller01 quickly began to tug at his foreskin.  The blood quickly flowed to his cock and within mere moments he was completely erect.  Encircling his hand around his thick cock, JeffMiller01 started to jerk himself off gently.  His hand moved slowly along the entire shaft as he moaned in pleasure.  Precum flowed generously from his cock as his stroking continued.  The clear fluid provided the perfect amount of lubricant for his pace to quicken, and soon he was pounding furiously at his thick meat.  His balls swaying to and fro as his hand sped along the velvety skin. 

Soon JeffMiller01 began to tense, though; his balls tightening as he quickly approached orgasm.  With a primal moan, JeffMiller01 released a massive load covering him in the creamy manmilk.


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