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There’s just something about a “Bad Boy” that’s hard to resist…

TattooedBadBoy was simply relaxing on the couch, when I first entered his public chat.  His shirt was pulled back over his head, providing me with full sight of his tattooed torso.  I was certainly intrigued, so I began to chat with him.  As we continued to chat, I found myself becoming more and more attracted to TattooedBadBoy.  I wasn’t sure if it was how smart and charming he was or just all the skin he was showing, but I knew I wanted to see more of him.  I took TattooedBadBoy private in hopes of making that happen.

Upon entering our private chat, TattooedBadBoy showed me exactly how “bad” this straight boy could be.  He quickly removed his shirt and shorts leaving him in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs.  Tugging at his cock through the thin fabric, his bulge quickly filled and soon he was rock hard.  His cock now clearly visible beneath the fabric, he asked, “You want this big, straight boy cock?”  Without a moment’s hesitation, I responded.

“Fuck yeah!  Give me that straight boy cock, baby.”

With a coy grin, TattooedBadBoy threw his boxer briefs to the floor and gave me exactly what I had wanted:  his big, uncut cock!  Taking hold of his dick, he began to smack the thick meat against his other hand.  Teasing me with his meat before he got down to business.  TattooedBadBoy began to slide his hand along the shaft of his cock, twisting gently as he reached the tip.  These gentle strokes did not last long, though.  Taking hold with both hands, TattooedBadBoy thrust his cock into both fists.  He mercilessly fucked his fists as he moaned in pleasure, his low-hanging balls slapping against his hand with each thrust.  Precum flowed steadily as he continued to pleasure himself and soon he was preparing to fire off his load.  Letting go with one hand, he jerked his cock till he was erupting with cum!

I’d happily help this “Bad Boy” clean up…


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