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Who hasn’t glanced over in the locker room to see that hot, straight boy undressing?  Well, with SuperBoy802 there’s no need to simply glance over.  He’s ready to put on a show!

When I entered SuperBoy802’s room, he was already shirtless in front of the camera.  His smooth chest and muscled arms made it difficult to concentrate on anything else, but I couldn’t just stare at him all night.  SuperBoy802 and I began to chat, and damn was this straight boy horny!  This boy needed a wet mouth and a tight pussy ASAP… or maybe just a private session and his right hand.

I took SuperBoy802 private and he quickly began to act upon his primal needs.  First he stood from his seat, and then he began flexing his muscles and posing in his basketball shorts.  This little show did not stay so “PG” though.  His hands soon found their way to the waistband of his shorts.  With a singular motion, SuperBoy802 pushed his shorts to the floor and gave me my first sight of him in all of his glory.  He may not have been fully erect yet, but with just a few tugs of his hand; SuperBoy802 was rock hard and ready to satisfy his urges.  Gripping his cock tight with both hands, SuperBoy802 began to pound his meat.  His massive balls swinging as he thrust his hips vigorously into his hands.  SuperBoy802 began to moan as the pleasure overwhelmed him.  Precum flowed freely from his cock as his balls slowly tightened closer to his body. 

Soon, SuperBoy802 was letting forth a torrent of cum!  The creamy liquid drenched his body and left me with the perfect image of this straight boy. 


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