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There’s just something about a guy with some hair on his chest… I don’t know what it is but it just turns me on!  So, when I saw Jesse_Crush’s profile, I knew that I would be spending the evening with him.

I entered the public chat to find Jesse_Crush lounging on the couch in a pair of jean shorts and a flannel.  It was a little more clothing than I would have liked, but there was still plenty of time to work on that.  We started chatting and it didn’t take long for me to realize that Jesse_Crush was a very naughty boy!  There’s only one thing you can do with a naught boy on SuperMen… Take him private, of course.

Once I had Jesse_Crush to myself, he began showing me just how naughty he could be.  Pushing onto his knees, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.  Letting the fabric fall from his shoulders as he gently swayed his hips.  Now shirtless, I was able to gaze upon that furry chest!  The show did not stop there, though.  He continued to remove his clothing slowly, his hands gliding across his body as he did so.  Within moments, Jesse_Crush was completely exposed and it was glorious!  Leaning back into the couch, he took hold of his semi-erect cock and began to play with himself.  Soon he was rock hard and jerking himself off furiously with his right hand.  His left hand did not stop wandering, though, and soon it had found its way to his tight hole.  Gently he eased a finger in, a soft moan escaping his lips as he found pleasure in the digit.  Jesse_Crush quickly adjusted to the anal stimulation and added another finger and then a third!  Soon he was pounding away both at his cock AND his hole. 

The pleasure must’ve become too intense, because within moments of adding the third finger, Jesse_Crush was shooting off a massive load!  If only I could have helped him clean it all up…


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