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With a name like sweetbigcock_latin how could I resist?

I found sweetbigcock_latin sitting on the couch in a black jacket and some plaid trunks when I entered his private chat.  I wasn’t able to see much of sweetbigcock_latin, but there was something alluring about him.  Maybe it the way his luscious lips or the way his trunks bulged; either way I was interested in seeing more of sweetbigcock_latin.  We started chatting and things seemed to be going well.  After a while, I’d asked if he would adjust the camera, so I could see more than just his torso and bulge – not that I didn’t enjoy the view.  With a coy smirk, sweetbigcock_latin reached for the camera and adjusted it so that his face was now visible.  It wasn’t long after that that I’d decided to take him private.

Without anyone else to distract us, sweetbigcock_latin wasted little time starting the show.  His hands slowly slid across his body till they found their way to his bulging cock.  Still hidden beneath the plaid fabric of his trunks, his cock grew steadily as he played with himself.  Within moments his cock was completely erect and quite prominent.  We both must have wanted more, though, because he quickly pushed his trunks to the ground and grabbed hold his now erect cock.  Slowly tugging at the thick, uncut meat, sweetbigcock_latin moaned in pleasure.  Precum began to flow steadily from the tip as his hand slid up and down along the shaft.  As the clear fluid continued to flow, his pace quickened.  Soon he was pounding away at his dick, using the precum as a lubricant for his relentless pace.

The pleasure soon caught up to him and his balls drew in.  He was ready to blow, and so was I!  Within seconds, sweetbigcock_latin let his thick load explode from his cock.  The creamy liquid pooling in his abdomen as he slowly came down from the intense orgasm…


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