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It had been a hell of a week and I just needed some relief… I signed into and started looking for someone that could help me with that.  It didn’t take long for me to find just that someone, KingHumpHer.

Thankfully when I entered his public chat, KingHumpHer was already shirtless.  His body was perfection!  In fact, I took a moment to just admire him before I started chatting with him.  It was clear from our conversation that KingHumpHer was horny as hell and just looking for some relief… How coincidental!  That was enough to convince me.  I took KingHumpHer private in hopes that we both could get some relief.

As soon as I had KingHumpHer to myself, he started the “main event.”  As he stood from his seat, he pushed the basketball shorts from his hips and let me see ALL that he had to offer… and there was PLENTY!  He wasn’t lying about needing some relief because he was already rock hard and rubbing himself off.  KingHumpHer sat back down and continued to stroke his massive, uncut cock for me.  His hand slid all the way from the base to the tip as he moaned in pleasure.  One hand wasn’t enough for KingHumpHer, though.  Gripping his dick with both hands, he began to thrust up into his fist.  His balls bouncing up and down as his hips made impact with his hands.  His thrusts soon became more frenzied and his once low-hanging balls had tightened close to his body.  As he continued to frantically fuck his fists with his massive cock, I knew that I would soon be rewarded with a creamy finish.

Within moments, KingHumpHer shot his load and it was MASSIVE!  From his chin to the base of his cock, there was cum everywhere.  Thankfully I followed his lead not soon after.  Relief at last!


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