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When I entered RoryNice’s public chat, he was already shirtless as he lounged on the couch in a pair of shorts.  His muscled torso provided a nice preview of his smooth body.  As we began to chat, it became clear that RoryNice was just as ready to get off as me!  Soon his hands were slowly moving across his chest, gently tugging his nipples as he grazed them.  As his hands explored, the bulge in his shorts quickly grew… That was all I needed to see in the public chat, though.

With the room now to ourselves, RoryNice stood from the couch and slowly began to dance.  His hips gently rocking as he unbuttoned his shorts.  RoryNice continued his striptease by pushing the waistband of his shorts, the fabric soon falling to the floor.  Now simply wearing a pair of briefs, it became quite clear that he was enjoying himself, the thin fabric outlining his uncut cock nicely.  RoryNice did not waiver from his burlesque, though.  His hands resumed their exploration of his body till he was satisfied I had waited long enough.  With a singular push, RoryNice removed his underwear and his cock snapped forth.  Pointing directly to camera, the thick head already glistened with precum. 

RoryNice took hold of his rigid member and slowly began to tug at it, precum falling as he pulled harder.  Things did not remain gentle, though; soon RoryNice was pounding his cock with his fist.  As his arm became a blur, his moans intensified and his calls began to draw closer to his body.  He was going to cum, and I was ready for it!  Within moments, RoryNice was blasting off a torrent of cum, drenching himself in the creamy liquid.


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