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It had been an exhausting day at work, so when I got home I just wanted to get off and get to bed. In hopes of finding someone to help me with that, I logged onto Supermen and started searching.  Within minutes, I found losramboybrasil.

I entered losramboybrasil’s public chat to find him standing in front of the camera.  I took a moment to simply gaze upon losramboybrasil as he stood there in nothing but a pair of thin white trunks.  His toned body – dusted in a light layer of fur – was a beautiful sight, but it was the hefty bulge in his trunks that had my full attention.  Intrigued, I struck up a conversation with losramboybrasil.  After a little bit of chitchat, I had convinced losramboybrasil to show me just how big that bulge of his could get.  With just a few strokes of his cock through his trunks, losramboybrasil was rock hard and all I can say is, “Damn!”  That sight alone was enough to make up my mind; I took losramboybrasil private.

As soon as we were alone, losramboybrasil removed those pesky white trunks and released the “python.”  Slowly he began to play with his massive cock.  Using his hand to gently tug at the thick meat as he softly moaned.  losramboybrasil wasn’t going to be satisfied by gentle, though.  Grabbing hold with both hands, losramboybrasil began to pound his giant dick into his fists.  His balls swinging back and forth with each thrust.  As he continued to thrust ferociously into his fists, losramboybrasil’s moans became more and more primal.  His balls soon drew close and he was quickly approaching orgasm.  With one final thrust, he fired off his load.  The creamy liquid continuing to fall from the tip even after all the fireworks.

This is one cock, though, that you’ll have to see to believe!


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