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It has been a hell of a week!  Work was rough and I barely had any time to myself, so when I got home last night I just needed to blow off some steam.  I signed into, and started browsing through the guys.

After some searching, I found MarvynGatee.  He wasn’t my usual type, but I was feeling adventurous and decided to give him a shot.  I entered his public chat to find him seated in front of the camera without a shirt on… so far so good.  We started chatting and things were going well!  MarvynGatee and I were really hitting things off and I was enjoying the sights, so I decided to take another chance and go private with him.  Boy, am I glad I did!

MarvynGatee wasted little time once we had the room to ourselves.  Taking hold of the waistband of his shorts, he gently pushed them to floor.  Now in nothing but a pair of skimpy white briefs, MarvynGatee began to slowly explore his body.  His hands sliding gently across his body as I watched in angst.  Soon his founds found there way back to his briefs, and they then soon joined his shorts on the floor.  His cock sprung forth and MarvynGatee quickly took hold.  His hand slid slowly along the smooth flesh of his dick as he gasped in pleasure.  MarvynGatee did not keep this pace, though; instead, his hand began to blur as he frantically jerked his meat.  As he continued to pound his cock, his balls began to tighten.  MarvynGatee was approaching orgasm and I was ready for the “fireworks.” 

Within moments, MarvynGatee let the “fireworks” fly!  Cum pooling in his abs, coating his chest, and falling from his chin even as the last droplets gushed from his cock. 


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