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I had tried going to sleep early last night, but I just felt restless.  Rather than lying in bed doing nothing, I logged into and started looking for someone that could tire me out a little.  It didn’t take long before I found EstefanMichel1. 

I entered his public chat, and found EstefanMichel1 shirtless in front of the camera.  His arm was already moving quite vigorously off camera told me but one thing; the show had already began… Knowing that EstefanMichel1 was jerking off camera had me hard in an instant!  I asked him, “So, what’s that you got in your hand?” 

With a coy smile, EstefanMichel1 stood.  Beneath the thin gray fabric of some Calvin Klein trunks, his thick, uncut cock stood at full attention.  That was all the invitation I needed to take EstefanMichel1 private.

As soon as we went private, EstefanMichel1 again stood to show me his thick, uncut cock.  The fabric of his Calvins stretched taut across his big meat.  His hands quickly found their way to the waistband of his trunks as he pushed them to the floor.  EstefanMichel1’s thick dick sprung up quickly from beneath the fabric and smacked him in the stomach.  He took hold of his cock and slowly began to slide his hand up and down the thick shaft.  Precum began to fall from the head of his cock as he continued to pleasure himself.  EstefanMichel1 increased the pace of his strokes, though, and soon his balls were slapping against his fist as he pounded that meat.  I could have watched him work that meat for days, but soon he body began to tense as he approached orgasm. 

With a primal moan, EstefanMichel1 shot his load leaving him drenched in sweat and cum as he ended the show.


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