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If there are two things I love more than anything, it’s COCK and TOYS.  I mean how could you not?  So when I found CocknToys on, there was no resisting.

I entered CocknToys public chat and found him lounging shirtless in bed.  A thick layer of fur covered his chest, which only added to my attraction.  There was a plaid blanket covering his lower half, but if I had to guess that was all.  We started chatting a little and things were going really well.  He was very well spoken and warm-hearted; I really liked CocknToys.  Probably didn’t hurt that he was quite cute.  After chatting for a while, I decided to take CocknToys private.

CocknToys and I continued to chat for a while in our private chat, but as our conversation heated up so did he.  CocknToys threw the blanket from his lap, and as I had assumed, that’s all he had on to cover himself.  Now completely naked – and completely hard – I was able to admire the first of my two loves.  His thick, uncut meat stood tall as he gripped the base.  Slowly he slid his hand along the shaft as he asked what I thought.  Obviously I was enamored.  I watched as he pleasured himself with his hands, but I craved more.  I asked CocknToys, “Is there was anything else you would like to show me…” With a sheepish smirk, CocknToys grabbed a dildo from off camera.

He then asked, “Something like this?” before he gently began to push the toy into his ass.  With his legs spread wide, I watched in awe as the toy disappeared into his hole.  His cock in one hand and the toy in the other, CocknToys began to match the pace he was using on each.  His moans became more and more primal as he continued to pound his cock and hole.  It was not going to be much longer before he was shooting his load, and boy was I ready for it!  Within moments cum sprayed from his cock, covering his fur-covered chest and toned abs in the creamy liquid.  His well-fucked hole gripped tighter around the hole as he revealed in his intense orgasm.


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