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I had logged into just looking to get off real quick, when I found badboytop.  And I mean who doesn’t love a bad boy?  So, I had no choice but to check out his public chat and see what was up…

I found him just sitting in bed with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on.  The camera was zoomed in as to not show his face, but from what I could see he was a pretty good-looking guy.  We started chatting and there was just something so aloof about badboytop.  He seemed to just be in his own little world.  I wanted to see more of this world though, so I kept talking to him.  As we continued to chat, he began to relax a little more and removed his shirt.  My eyes went straight to the treasure trail that disappeared below the waistband of his shorts.  I wanted to follow that trail, so decided to take badboytop private.

As soon as we went private, badboytop seemed to morph into a completely different man.  He became more vocal and domineering in our chat.  Asking me how bad I wanted him and what I would do to get it.  I’m not usually into BDSM, but I kind of enjoyed being bossed around a little.  After supplying him with an answer he deemed appropriate, badboytop removed the only thing separating his body and my eyes:  his shorts.  His cock stood tall before his shorts even hit the floor.  Gripping hold of his thick, uncut cock he smacked it against his other hand. 

“You want to see me stroke this cock, bitch?”

I couldn't help but beg him to stroke himself.  Pleased with my response, badboytop started slowing stroking his cock.  His hand sliding from the base all the way to the tip, where he would tug at his foreskin.  Fuck he was hot!  His pace quickly hastened as badboytop’s hand began to blur.  His low-hanging balls swaying back and forth as he pounded his meat.  His balls tightened as he continued this pace and badboytop yelled, “Get on your knees and take this load!”

With that he shot a massive load that had to have flown nearly two feet in length.  Cum continued to gush forth from his head as he milked every last drop.  I was ready for a taste!


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