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Sometimes porn is just so monotonous… Kiss, suck, fuck, repeat.  Needing a break from the formulaic plots of mainstream porn, I logged into to find something with a little more chemistry.  That’s when I found stevenandmathew1.

When I entered their public chat, stevenandmathew1 were sitting on the bed already playing with themselves through their shorts.  I couldn’t help but get turned on!  For a moment, I simply watched as they tugged on their semi-erect cocks through the thin fabric; occasionally I was rewarded with a glimpse of their uncut meat as it slipped past the leg of their shorts… Yum.  After I’d satisfied my voyeuristic tendencies, I began to chat with the two of them.  They were incredibly nice and clearly in love with one another, but were ready to get off.  How could I resist seeing?  I took stevenandmathew1 private, so that they could get themselves – and me – off!

stevenandmathew1 wasted little time in removing their shorts, once we went private.  Their cocks quickly grew as they began to kiss; the hard flesh pressing against their abdomens whilst their tongues intertwined.  The chemistry between them was palpable as they kissed their way down each other’s bodies before taking their cocks into one another’s mouths.  Their cocks disappeared down each other’s throats as they 69-ed.  I couldn’t keep my eyes of them – or my hand of my cock!  Soon their focus shifted from each other’s cocks to one another’s asses, their tongues flicking back and forth across one another’s tight holes.  These two were ready to fuck!  Steven took to his knees and presented his tight hole to Mathew.  Easing his thick, uncut cock into Steven, Mathew began to slowly fuck his lover.  Allowing Steven to acclimate to the girth of his massive cock, Mathew held him tight against his torso.  The two passionately kissing as Mathew slowly began to slide his cock in and out.  Steven gasped as the pleasure of Mathew’s cock overtook him. 

“Fuck me harder!”

With those three words, Mathew began to pound Steven’s tight hole.  His balls bounced off Steven’s ass as he buried his cock deep into his lover’s ass.  As much as he was enjoying Steven’s tight hole around his cock, Mathew was ready for some anal attention of his own.  Lowering himself slowly onto Steven’s cock, Mathew began is wild ride.  His cock bounced to-and-fro as he rode Steven’s cock.  The pleasure quickly became too much for the two of them and soon they were shooting their loads:  Steven’s deep into Mathew’s tight hole and Mathew’s drenching the two of them.  stevenandmathew1 shared a final kiss as they revealed in their post-orgasm glory.


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