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When I logged into last night, I wasn’t looking for something I’d had before; I wanted something different, something new!  I started browsing and that’s when I found IstanBowie.  He definitely wasn’t my “typical” guy, but like I said, wanted something different.

When I first saw IstanBowie he was sitting in front of the camera just relaxing on the couch.  He was cute.  We started chatting and things were going really well.  At times communication was a little difficult – he was using an interpreter so things probably just got lost in translation – but we worked through it.  As we got more comfortable with one another, our conversation became more sexual in nature.  You know what turns each of us on, what we’re both into, that kind of stuff.  Needless to say that got us both horny!  I decided to take IstanBowie private, so we could continue this conversation more privately.

IstanBowie and I continued to discuss our sexual desires in our private chat, but IstanBowie decided to get a little more comfortable now that we were alone.  Slowly he began to remove articles of clothing, starting first with his black t-shirt.  The thin fabric lifted over his head and gave me my first glimpse of skin.  His muscled torso was not the only skin I would be seeing, though; he continued his striptease by removing his jeans as well.  His black briefs were all that remained and based on the clear outline of his erect cock those would soon be joining the rest of his clothes on the ground.  With a singular push, IstanBowie shoved his briefs to the floor and let his big, uncut cock free.  IstanBowie quickly took hold of his manhood, gripping tightly as he slid his hand along the shaft.  Slowly he jerked himself off till he was steadily leaking precum.  Using the clear liquid as lube, IstanBowie began to pound his cock into his fist.  His balls swung wildly as he fucked his own hand.  At this pace he would not last long and soon his once low-hanging balls drew close.  As he thrust his cock through his fist one final time, his load burst into the air.  The creamy liquid coating his chest, abdomen, and hand as it flowed from his cock.

Both IstanBowie and myself left drenched in our own cum!


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