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Is there anything sexier than a guy in gray sweatpants?  The answer is simple:  no.

Lucky for me, when I entered kevinstarry’s public chat that is precisely what I go to see.  There he was just sitting in his computer chair in his gray sweatpants.  Unfortunately, his sweats were bunched up so I didn’t get the exact image I was looking for, but there was still time for that.  We started chatting and turns out that kevinstarry was a pretty incredible guy; he was smart, funny, charming, and outgoing.  We seemed to really be hitting it off.  As we continued to chat, my questions for kevinstarry became more sexual in nature; I wanted to see what he had hiding under those sweats.  The conversation must have had an affect on him because he started “adjusting” himself rather frequently, and then I saw it.  The outline of kevinstarry’s big cock became clear beneath his gray sweats.  That sight was all it took for me to decide to take kevinstarry private.

With kevinstarry now to myself, he stood from his chair and provided me with the exact image I’d imagined earlier.  There he stood in his gray sweatpants, his erect cock clear beneath the folds of the gray fabric.  As hot as that image was, I was ready for those sweats to hit that ground.  And with one simple request, that is precisely what happened.  kevinstarry now stood completely exposed; his erect cock pointing straight ahead.  Grasping hold of his man-meat kevinstarry began to slowly slide his hand along the shaft of his smooth, cut cock.  He returned to his chair and continued to pleasure himself with his hand.  Abandoning the slow stroking he had used before, kevinstarry began to really pound his meat.  His hand blurred as it slid from tip to base and back again.  As he continued to pleasure himself with one hand, his free hand began to tug at his nipples.  The pleasure elicited from his nipples in conjunction with his feverish stroking must have set him over the edge.  Cum burst forth from his cock, drenching kevinstarry in the creamy liquid.


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