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It had been a LONG week and I needed to just recharge.  So, I logged into SuperMen.com and tried to find someone that could help me relax a little.  That’s when I found HozzyHorny.  I figured, if nothing else, I’d check out his public chat.

The show must have started before my arrival because HozzyHorny was already naked in bed.  Granted I couldn’t see any of the good stuff yet, but based on where his hands were I’d say the show was just getting started.  The two of us began to chat and with HozzyHorny being naked it didn’t take long for the conversation to veer towards sex.  The talk of sex must have had an effect on HozzyHorny because his hand movement became quite familiar, if you can catch my drift.  Knowing that HozzyHorny was playing with himself and I couldn’t see was too much!  I decided to take HozzyHorny private.

Now that we were alone, HozzyHorny adjusted the camera so that I could see the whole show.  There he lay, his hand wrapped tightly around his 6-inch, uncut cock.  HozzyHorny continued to slowly slide his hand along the entirety of his shaft, his foreskin pulling back with each stroke, exposing his glistening cock head.  Precum flowed from the head of his cock as he continued pleasuring himself.  With the added lubrication from his precum, HozzyHorny’s stroking intensified; soon he was pounding his cock into his hand.  The intensity of his fucking clearly was having an effect.  His balls drew near and HozzyHorny was soon moaning intensely.  With one final stroke, HozzyHorny let forth a torrent of cum, drenching his body in the warm cream.  What a load!


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