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My name is Aaron, and I am addicted to big dicks.  So, when I saw English10Inch’s on SuperMen.com, how could I simply resist?

I entered his public chat to find English10Inch relaxing in a pair of black trunks.  His tattooed, athletic torso was on full display, but my eyes went straight to the MASSIVE bulge between his legs.  The thin fabric of his trunks packed to their limit with his man-meat.  Based on that sight alone, I knew I wanted more of English10Inch.  Without a single word having been spoken, I took English10Inch private so that we could better acquainted.

Now that English10Inch and I had the room to ourselves, we began to get to know each other a little better.  Based on our conversation, though, there was only one thing on both of our minds:  sex.  English10Inch decided to do something about that.  He hooked his thumbs below the waistband of his trunks and pushed them to the floor.  From that first glance I was in love; still completely soft, English10Inch was already at least 6-inches!  He wouldn’t remain soft for long, though.  English10Inch quickly began to tug at his massive cock eliciting an almost immediate response.  Soon he was at full mast and stroking that meat for all it was worth.  Completely entranced by this man’s 10-inch, uncut cock, I watched with angst as he pleasured himself.  Had I not glanced at our chat, I would have missed his message, “Would you like to see a trick?”

Confused, yet also intrigued, I quickly replied, “Fuck yeah…”  With that English10Inch slowly began to sit up.  Once upright, English10Inch milked the precum from his cock.  A clear droplet flowed forth.  Leaning forward, English10Inch flicked his tongue along the head of his cock and drank it up.  I about busted my load right there!  Seeing this tatted-up stud lick his own cock was one of the hottest fucking things I’ve ever seen.  He continued to lick the head of his cock till his balls began to pull tight against his body.  With one final tug of his dick, English10Inch drenched himself in his creamy man milk. 

The final moment of his show:  one last taste of his cock and the creamy load he just blasted off!  Yum.


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