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I had spent most of the day working around the house and I just wanted to relax for a little.  So I logged into Supermen.com and started browsing through the guys.  Luckily, XXLBobbyTDI caught my attention almost immediately.

I entered XXLBobbyTDI’s public chat to find him simply lounging in front of the camera; a pair of black shorts laid haphazardly across his lap was all that covered his body.  The two of us began to chat and things quickly became heated.  As we continued to chat, the black shorts in his lap began to slowly rise up.  After seeing that big “tent” in his shorts there was only one thing I could do:  take XXLBobbyTDI private.

Once I had XXLBobbyTDI all to myself, he quickly let me see what was beneath that big “tent.”  As he pushed his shorts off with one hand, he immediately took hold of his thick, uncut cock with the other.  Slowly he began to slide his hand along the warm flesh of his manhood, his foreskin sliding across the glistening head of his cock with each stroke.  As he continued to pleasure himself, a soft moan escaped his lips and precum quickly began to gush forth from his cock.  Using the precum as a lubricant, XXLBobbyTDI plowed his cock into his fist, his balls bouncing wildly up-and-down with each thrust.  At this pace, XXLBobbyTDI would not last long as his balls quickly tightened beneath his cock.  XXLBobbyTDI thrust his cock once more before letting a massive load fly.  Cum splattered his body as he continued to revel in the intense orgasm. 

Drenched in his own seed, XXLBobbyTDI left me with one final image:  him licking the cum off his “sticky” fingers!


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